Outdoor Safety

Rooftop Solar Safety

Hawaii Electric Light is committed to providing our customers with safe reliable service. With the growing number of rooftop solar systems, here are some tips to keep safety first

Many rooftop solar systems will not operate when power is out. Grid-tied systems are designed to shut down in the event of outages for safety reasons. This is true for all systems except those that are designed to provide emergency back-up power in the event of an outage. Check with your contractor if you have any questions.

  • Your system is designed to withstand bad weather. DO NOT ATTEMPT to remove panels or equipment on your own. Check with your contractor for specific recommendations on how to operate your system if you want to turn it off before or during a storm event.
  • After the storm, do a visual inspection of your system and any lines that may be on or near your property. Look for signs of damage including loose equipment, downed or low hanging lines or debris in lines. DO NOT ATTEMPT to repair or clean any debris around electrical equipment on your own. Call the utility to report damaged poles, low-hanging or downed lines and debris in the line. Contact your contractor/installer to report damage to your rooftop solar system.
  • After the storm, DO NOT ATTEMPT any repairs or to modify your rooftop solar system in any way. Even though power may be out, your system may still be producing enough voltage that could cause serious injury (or worse) if you come in contact with it. Wait for your contractor to make any necessary repairs.
  • If the power goes out at your home or business and your system appears to be undamaged, power will be restored as soon as the utility restores power to the neighborhood. Check our updates for information about progress that we’re making to restore outages in your area.
  • If power is restored to your neighborhood and your neighbors have power but your home is still out, that means there is a problem either on your service line or with your rooftop solar system. Call the utility to report an outage at your home. Please contact your contractor or installer to report issues with your rooftop solar system.
  • During major events, our response may seem delayed due to the severity of the situation. Please be patient. We will be working as quickly and as safely as possible to restore power to you.

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