Powering Our Community

Powering Our Community

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Power Facts

The Hawaiian Electric Companies - Hawaiian Electric, Maui Electric and Hawaii Electric Light - provide electricity for 95% of residents of the State of Hawaii on the islands of Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai and Hawaii Island.

Tri-company 2015 renewable energy percentage* is 23.2%
Total customers: 457,800 (Residential customers: 400,655)
Total employees: 2,727

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Number of customers: 302,958

Firm generation:
Hawaiian Electric plants
Waiau (oil): 500 MW
Kahe (oil): 650 MW
Campbell Industrial Park (biofuel): 120 MW

Independent power producers
HPOWER (waste-to-energy): 68.5 MW
Kalaeloa Partners (oil): 208 MW
AES-Hawaii (coal): 180 MW

Total firm capacity: 1,726.5 MW

Deactivated units:
Honolulu Power Plant (oil) (113 MW): 0 MW

Variable (as-available) generation:
Independent power producers
Kahuku Wind: 30 MW
Kawailoa Wind: 69 MW
Par Hawaii: 18.5 MW
Chevron: 9.6 MW
Kalaeloa Solar Two: 5 MW
Kalaeloa Renewable Energy Park: 5 MW
Kapolei Sustainable Energy Park: 1 MW
Customer-sited solar: 332 MW

Approximate non-firm capacity: 470.1 MW

Renewable energy percentage*: 17.2%


Serving Maui Island, Molokai & Lanai
Number of customers: 70,533

Firm generation:
Maui Electric plants (oil)
Maalaea: 212.1 MW
Kahului: 37.6 MW
Lanai: 10.4 MW
Molokai: 12 MW
Hana (dispersed generation): 2 MW

Independent power producers
HC&S (hydro, bagasse, coal, recycled oil, oil): 4 MW

Total firm capacity: 278.1 MW

Variable (as-available) generation:
Independent power producers
Kaheawa Wind Farm I: 30 MW
Kaheawa Wind Farm II: 21 MW
Auwahi Wind Farm: 21 MW
Makila Hydro: 0.5 MW
Lanai Sustainability Research (PV): 1.2 MW
Customer-sited solar: 72.4 MW

Approximate non-firm capacity: 146.1 MW

Renewable energy percentage*: 35.3%


Number of customers: 84,309

Firm generation:
Hawaii Electric Light plants (oil)
Hill: 35.5 MW
Puna: 38 MW
Keahole: 79.8 MW
Kanoelehua: 21 MW
Waimea: 7.5 MW
Dispersed generation: 2.5 MW

Independent power producers:
Puna Geothermal Venture: 34.6 MW
Hamakua Energy Partners: 60 MW

Total firm capacity: 278.9 MW

Retired units:
Shipman (oil) (15.2 MW): 0 MW

Variable (as-available) generation:
Hawaii Electric Light plants
Waiau Hydro: 1.1 MW
Puueo Hydro: 3.25 MW

Independent Power Producers
Wailuku River Hydro: 12.1 MW
Tawhiri (wind): 20.5 MW
Hawi Renewable Development (wind): 10.56 MW
Customer-sited generation: 70.11 MW

Approximate non-firm capacity: 117.62 MW

Renewable energy percentage*: 48.7%

*Renewable energy percentages as of 12/31/15 as defined by Hawaii Revised Statutes 269-91.
All data as of 12/31/15. Generation capacity figures in gross megawatts.