Integrated Grid Planning

A New Planning Process

Integrated Grid Planning addresses needs at all levels of the system. Read Report >

Stakeholder Engagement

The IGP process must be customer-centric and engage stakeholders to broadly represent the interests of Hawaii's various communities. Learn more >

Integrated Grid Planning

Planning Hawaii's Grid for Future Generations

With a renewed focus on comprehensive energy planning, the Hawaiian Electric Companies proposed an Integrated Grid Planning ("IGP") process that we believe will benefit customers by identifying the best options to affordably move Hawaii toward a reliable, resilient clean energy future with minimal risk. In addition, we believe the State will benefit from expanded market opportunities for resource, grid services, and non-wires alternatives for transmission and distribution ("T&D"), which can foster innovative solutions for a new energy economy.

IGP Planning Process

The Hawaiian Electric Companies believe the IGP process must be customer-centric and engage stakeholders to broadly represent the interests of Hawaii's various communities. This involves actively engaging customers and communities throughout this process to ensure balanced representation. Transparency and effective stakeholder engagement are key success factors for IGP.

Integrated Grid Planning "Soft Launch" RFP

Upcoming working group meeting on June 19, 2019

IGP "Soft Launch" RFP
The Integrated Grid Planning ("IGP") process is a fully integrated planning and procurement process rooted in customer and stakeholder input. The IGP process is intended to harmonize resource, transmission, and distribution planning processes and create customer value by evaluating the collective identified system needs and coordinating solutions that provide the best value on a consolidated basis. This approach appraises the total needs of the system, considers all alternatives (from customers, independent providers, and the utility), then selects the lowest cost/best fit solution(s) to produce an optimized portfolio which will contribute to reliable and affordable grid operations within the desired level of system and distribution resilience.

As stated in the Hawaiian Electric Companies' ("Companies") IGP Workplan filed on December 13, 2018, which was accepted by the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission on March 14, 2019, the Companies believe there is an opportunity to accelerate the learning associated with this sourcing process, particularly with distribution non-wires alternatives. A soft launch of this sourcing process will help inform development of the full scale IGP planning and sourcing effort. Specifically, this IGP Soft Launch request for proposals ("RFP") is intended to demonstrate the sourcing processes and evaluation methods for distribution non-wires alternatives in 2019. The identified need for the Soft Launch is an Oahu distribution capacity upgrade. Hawaiian Electric intends to source solutions to defer the need to expand the East Kapolei distribution capacity to serve the expected load growth. Walking through the soft launch process will provide real-world experience associated with the identification of needs for a resource choice like aggregated distributed energy resources ("DER") because of locational impacts of DER. The IGP Soft Launch RFP is intended to be technology agnostic and will consider provider solutions behind the meter and/or in front of the meter. Providers may develop multiple solution proposals or combinations of proposals to satisfy the distribution needs on the system.

Invitation to IGP "Soft Launch" Working Group Meeting
Hawaiian Electric is hosting a working group meeting for the IGP Soft Launch RFP on June 19, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. at the American Savings Bank Tower, 8th Floor Training Room 2, located at 1001 Bishop Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813. All interested parties are invited to attend. At the June 19, 2019 working group meeting, Hawaiian Electric will discuss developments of the RFP to date and will solicit stakeholder feedback on certain aspects of the Soft Launch process. Please RSVP to Further information will be provided on the IGP website closer to the meeting date.

Presentation slides and meeting notes will be posted on the IGP working groups webpage after the meeting.


  • On July 12, 2018, PUC opens docket and invites public comments on our Integrated Grid Planning Report.
  • The Hawaiian Electric Companies developed a Grid Modernization Strategy filed with the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission (PUC) on August 29, 2017. As part of the Grid Modernization Strategy, we proposed the Integrated Grid Planning process that integrates the needs at all levels of the system: customer, bulk power resources, transmission, and distribution. The process would engage customers and stakeholders at key junctures in the integrated resource, transmission, and distribution planning effort.
  • The Hawaiian Electric Companies filed our Power Supply Improvement Plans ("PSIP") with the PUC on December 23, 2016, outlining our near-term actions that will lead to the use of renewable resources to meet 100 percent of Hawaii's power generation needs by 2045. The PUC accepted the PSIP on July 14, 2017.

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