Our Clean Energy Portfolio

Renewable Project Status Board

We are committed to increasing Hawaii's use of clean energy and reducing our dependency on imported oil. This status board tracks the progress of new and upcoming renewable energy projects and the impact that they will have in increasing our overall RPS % points – essentially, the percentage of renewable energy on the grid – to meet our clean energy goals.

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2019 Completed Projects

Name Island Developer Tech Size Commercial Operation RPS % Points Contribution
Lanikuhana Solar, LLC Oahu (Mililani) Lanikuhana Solar, LLC Solar 14.7 MW 9/19/2019 0.3
Waipio PV, LLC Oahu (Waipio) Waipio PV, LLC (Clearway) Solar 45.9 MW 9/19/2019 1.0

Under Construction

Name Island Developer Tech Size Estimated Completion RPS % Points Contribution
Kawailoa Solar, LLC Oahu (North Shore) Kawailoa Solar, LLC (Clearway) Solar 49 MW 2019 1.0
West Loch Solar Oahu (Ewa Beach) Hawaiian Electric Solar 20 MW 2019 0.5
Aloha Solar Energy Fund II Oahu (Kalaeloa) Aloha Solar Energy Fund II, LLC (Altus Power America) Solar 5 MW 2020 0.1
Mauka FIT 1 Oahu (North Shore) Mauka FIT One LLC (SPI) Solar 3.5 MW 2020 0.1
Na Pua Makani Wind Project Oahu (North Shore) Na Pua Makani Power Partners, LLC (AES) Wind 24 MW 2020 1.0

Approved By Regulators

Name Island Developer Tech Size Estimated Completion RPS % Points Contribution
Molokai Island Energy Project Molokai (Kaunakakai) Molokai New Energy Partners LLC Solar + BESS 2.6 MW, 15 MWh (BESS) 2020 0.1
AES Kuihelani Maui (Central Maui) AES Kuihelani Solar, LLC Solar + BESS 60 MW, 240 MWh (BESS) 2021 1.9
AES Waikoloa Solar, LLC Hawaii Island (Waikoloa) AES Waikoloa Solar, LLC Solar + BESS 30 MW, 120 MWh (BESS) 2021 0.8
AES West Oahu Solar, LLC Oahu (West Oahu) AES West Oahu Solar, LLC Solar + BESS 12.5 MW, 50 MWh (BESS) 2021 0.4
Hoohana Solar 1, LLC Oahu (Kunia) Hanwha Energy USA Holdings Corp (174 Power Global) Solar + BESS 52 MW, 208 MWh (BESS) 2021 1.4
Mililani I Solar, LLC Oahu (Mililani) Mililani I Solar, LLC (Clearway) Solar + BESS 39 MW, 156 MWh (BESS) 2021 1.2
Waiawa Solar Power LLC Oahu (Waiawa) Waiawa Solar Power LLC (Clearway) Solar + BESS 36 MW, 144 MWh (BESS) 2021 1.2
Hale Kuawehi Solar LLC Hawaii Island (Waimea) Hale Kuawehi Solar LLC (Innergex) Solar + BESS 30 MW, 120 MWh (BESS) 2022 0.8

Proposed, Awaiting Approval

Name Island Developer Tech Size Estimated Completion RPS % Points Contribution
Hu Honua Hawaii Island (Pepeekeo) Hu Honua Biomass 21.5 MW 2019 1.6
Paeahu Solar LLC Maui (Wailea) Paeahu Solar LLC (Innergex) Solar + BESS 15 MW, 60 MWh (BESS) 2022 0.5

Proposals Due Nov. 5, 2019

Island Tech Energy Requesting Completion
Oahu Project + Energy Storage optional Up to 1,300,000 MWh annually 2022-2025
Hawaii Island Solar + Energy Storage required, storage optional for other technologies Up to 444,000 MWh annually 2022-2025
Maui Project + Energy Storage required Up to 295,000 MWh annually 2023-2025

BESS = Battery Energy Storage System