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We are building a better infrastructure to be a leader in the clean energy transportation revolution.

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Electric Vehicles

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Join Drive Electric Hawaii for National Drive Electric Week, September 14–22

Drive Electric Hawaii LogoNational Drive Electric Week is a nationwide celebration to raise awareness of the widespread availability and benefits of electric vehicles. This year's celebration takes place September 14-22, 2019, and includes multiple events right here in Hawaii.

Electric vehicles are fun to drive, less expensive and more convenient to fuel than gasoline vehicles, and they help promote local jobs. Best of all, driving electric protects the environment and reduces emissions for a cleaner, greener planet and Hawaii.

During National Drive Electric Week, you can get an up-close look at the latest all-electric and hybrid-electric cars, trucks, motorcycles and more, and talk to owners who have successfully gone electric.

To find an event near you, visit https://www.driveelectrichi.com/events/.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles ("EVs") play a growing role in reducing our dependency on fossil fuel and protecting our environment. Driving or riding in an EV for the first time may be a surprise. These cars are quiet, quick and fun. Among the benefits EV owners enjoy:


  • Federal tax credit up to $7,500 for an EV purchase
  • Those who purchase an EV are eligible to receive $50 of free charging by joining Project Footprint, a way for Hawaii to come together and make conscious choices about how we use energy. Learn more about the movement, how to enroll, and other free rewards.
  • Lower fuel and maintenance costs. Even at today's low gas prices, charging an electric vehicle at home on the typical residential rate may save about 35 percent of fuel costs, compared to a similar-sized gasoline-powered sedan
  • Enrolling in a special time-of-use electric rate may further reduce total home energy costs for charging at certain times of day
  • Free parking in state and municipal lots and street spaces plus access to high-occupancy lanes with only a driver on board
  • Being at the cutting edge of automotive and green vehicle technology


  • Promoting a clean energy future for Hawaii as clean, renewable energy is increasingly added to the grid
  • Reducing need for imported oil
  • Reducing fossil fuel emissions and noise pollution

Is an EV Right for Me?

As you consider purchasing a new vehicle, remember, an electric vehicle can save you money on fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Our EV WattPlan tool allows you to choose an electric vehicle and compare it to a conventional gas option, providing you the cost comparison to help you make an informed decision.

Our EV Strategy for the Future

What role do electric vehicles play in the future of Hawaii and our clean energy goals?

  • Our Electrification of Transportation (EoT) Strategic Roadmap details how the increased adoption of EVs will allow us to integrate even more renewables into our grid by encouraging battery charging demand during periods of the day when solar energy is abundant.
  • Our Electric Vehicle Critical Backbone Study pinpoints areas where public EV charging options can create a "critical backbone" to support EV-driving commuters and tourists and help optimize operation of the electric grid.