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Manuals & Engineering Specifications

Hawaii Electric Light works with many companies to provide the highest quality electrical service to our customers. This section of our website contains the manuals used by engineers, contractors, homeowners, developers and architects to ensure that standards and safety requirements are met in the installation of electrical service to our customers.

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Installation Manual

ESIM - 8th Edition Electric Service Installation Manual - 8th Edition (Effective March 1, 2017)

Commercial Requirements

Commercial Requirements Electric Plan Requirements for Commercial Service

Service Specifications

Service Specification No. OHTEMP.DGN Temporary Pole Specifications
Service Specification No. MTRPOLE.DGN Temporary-Permanent Meter Pole Specifications
Service Specification - Exhibit A Temporary-Permanent at the House Specifications
Service Specification No. PEDSTL Meter Pedestal Specifications

Special Subdivision Project Provision (SSPP)

The Special Subdivision Project Provision (SSPP) is a line extension policy that assists new customers to obtain electrical service in subdivisions that were developed prior to the passage of the Hawaii County Ordinance No. 62 in 1967.

Realtors and Escrow companies

Please complete the Request for SSPP confirmation form and fax Hawaii Electric Light at 969-0256 to check if there is an outstanding balance on a participating lot and if financing is available.

Rule 13-S Rule 13-S: Line Extension Special Subdivision Project Provisions
Request for SSPP Confirmation For Realtors and Escrow Companies:
Request for Confirmation Form
SSPP Unit Information Listing* Special Subdivision Project Provision Unit Information Listing

*The information is updated quarterly and subject to change. The information is provided only as a courtesy and Hawaii Electric Light does not represent or warrant that the information is complete or still accurate.

Engineering Specifications

CS7001-18 Specification for Construction of UG Facilities
CS7003-36 Specification for Construction of Electrical Facilities
CS9301-2 Specification for Cast-In-Place Concrete Work
CS9401-5 Specification for Design and Construction of Precast Manholes and Handholes
M0302-0 Specification for Warning Tape for Underground Systems
M7001-6 Specification for Plastic Conduits and Fittings Constructed with Virgin ABS and PVC Plastic

Engineering Standards

22-1012 Standard for Typical Underground Residential Distribution Trenching Details
29-0005 Standard for Riser Conduit Location at Base of Pole
29-1001 (n02) Standard for Secondary Riser Construction 0 - 750 Volts
30-1005 (n02) Standard Conduit Application Guide for Underground Ducts and Structures
30-1006 (n02) Standard Duct Line Design Guide for Underground Ducts and Structures
30-1015 (n02) Standard for Typical Duct Encasement Details
30-1020 Standard for Duct Roll Sections
30-1025 Standard Conduit and Duct Sealing Details for Underground Ducts and Structures
30-1030 Standard for Plastic Ducts, Special Installation Instructions
30-1035 Standard for Plastic Ducts, Installation Details for Underground Structures
30-2005 Standard for 2' x 4' Precast Concrete Handhole
30-2006 Standard for 24" x 36" Non-Concrete Service Box Installation
30-5001 Standard for Single Phase Padmount Transformer Concrete Pad
30-5010 Standard for Three Phase Padmount Transformer Concrete Pad, 500-750 KVA
30-5011 Standard for Three Phase Deadfront Transformer Concrete Pad, 75 - 300 KVA
30-5015 Standard Concrete Pad for 1000 - 2500 KVA Three Phase Padmounted Transformer
30-5017 Standard Concrete Pad for 1000 - 1500 KVA Three Phase Padmounted Transformer
30-5033 Standard Concrete Pad for 15 kV PMH-3 Switch Enclosure
30-5052 Standard Concrete Pad With Sidewalk for 15 kV PME-9 Auto Transformer Switchgear
30-5053 Standard Concrete Pad Without for 15 kV PME-9 Auto Transformer Switchgear
30-5512 Standard Concrete Pad for 25 kV PMH-3 Switch Enclosure
30-5710 Standard Concrete Pad without Sidewalk for 15kV/25kV S&C Vista 422 Auto Transformer Switchgear
30-5711 Standard Concrete Pad With Sidewalk for 15kV/25kV S&C Vista 422 Auto Transformer Switchgear
30-6005 Standard for Removable Door Sill in Electrical Vaults