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Frequently Asked Questions

‘Innovation’ is an internally-developed webpage interface located on the Hawaiian Electric Companies’ website. It contains information about the Hawaiian Electric Companies’ technology priorities and a fillable form for external entities to provide information about their company, technology, solutions, and opportunities for technology collaboration. ‘Innovation’ is being created to find opportunities to partner with the Companies by providing an external, highly visible interface to attract innovative ideas, technology solutions, and collaborative opportunities.

As part of the Hawaiian Electric Companies’ transformation to modernize its grid, explore new business models, meet the State’s Renewable Portfolio Standard goals, and create customer empowerment, the Companies must find, evaluate, and implement new technologies. The ‘Innovation’ webpage is a tool to help increase our capabilities to move on advanced technology.

We are looking for ideas and solutions in technology that align with our Companies’ strategic plans and business strategies, and match our highest priorities. We are looking for the right technologies and technology partners.

We will disseminate information, coordinate the vetting of responses with appropriate groups within the Hawaiian Electric Companies, and facilitate plans for follow-on collaboration. We are only seeking non-confidential public information. We also plan to archive the information to build our knowledge base and encourage technology transfer across the Hawaiian Electric Companies.

No. There will be no pre-commitments to collaborate with responders. However, this webpage may be a conduit for future requests for proposals for innovation projects for which there are plans to collaborate with selected responders.

The ‘Innovation’ webpage tool is viewed as a conduit for finding and matching technologies to our priority needs. The tool and resulting information gathered from this tool is complementary to our existing and future engagements with local and national entities involved in innovation in our business.