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Leading the Way to a Clean Energy Future for Hawaii

Clean Energy Future

It will always be a challenge to provide quality power to customers on an island the size of the state of Connecticut. Over the past century Hawaii Electric Light met the demand for energy by building larger power plants. More customers also meant new switching systems and transmission lines that had to be built and maintained.

Alternate energy sources like hydro power have been a part of the Hawaii Electric Light system from the beginning. Integrating bagasse - generated from burning sugar cane fiber - was introduced in the ‘70s. Power produced from geothermal sources was first explored as early as the late ‘50s.

Wind, too, has been tried with varying degrees of success, but new technologies looming on the horizon shows promise. So much so, that the whole way electricity is produced and distributed is being explored.

To achieve our vision of clean energy future for our islands, we understand the importance of more renewable energy. Today, Hawaiian Electric Company and its subsidiaries provide electricity and service to 95 percent of the state's 1.4 million residents.

As our portfolio of renewable energy continues to grow and Hawaii residents use electricity more efficiently, we are able to use less oil and, in doing so, strengthen Hawaii's economy and energy security, while helping protect the environment of our islands and the world.

The demand for power that has fueled the growth of the Hawaiian Islands has been met for well over a century. And as the next millennium unfolds, the company remains committed to providing quality service to generations of Hawaii families and businesses to come.