Our Commitment

Education Partnerships and Programs

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Hawaiian Electric, Hawaii Electric Light, and Maui Electric sponsor educational programs and partner with outstanding educators on a wide variety of programs for children of all ages. Our combined commitment to education reaches more than 65,000 students and teachers each year.

Energy fairs and classroom presentations

Hawaiian Electric, Hawaii Electric Light and Maui Electric employees promote energy education at community events throughout the islands, and visit schools and classrooms to talk about electrical safety, clean energy, energy conservation, and renewable energy technologies.

The environment

Solar Sprint

Hawaiian Electric, Hawaii Electric Light and Maui Electric provide resources to educate students about clean energy, renewable energy and conservation. These include:

  • Smart Power for Schools. Small solar electric systems installed in public schools offer students a close-up look at cutting-edge technology. This is accompanied by lesson plans, available to all schools, emphasizing the benefits and challenges of using renewable sources.
  • Solar Sprint. Elementary/ intermediate school students design, build, and race model cars powered by the sun, while learning the science of solar energy and propulsion.
  • Home Energy Challenge. A school- based competition encouraging elementary school students and their families to reduce energy use at home.

Science and technology

Lacy Veqach Day Robotics
  • FIRST Robotics. Hawaiian Electric sponsors robotics programs for different age levels and the regional competition in Hawaii, with engineers volunteering their time and energy to help school teams. ‚ó¶FIRST Lego League, considered the "little league" of robotics competitions, inspires children ages 9 to 14, who build motorized Lego robots based on computer models.
    • Botball, a nationwide robotics program for intermediate and high schools uses a Lego-based kit to design, build, and program robots to complete a set of tasks.
    • VEX,a remote controlled robotics challenge, is an international competition for middle and high school students.
    • FIRST Robotics has high schools applying engineering skills to pit full-scale, programmable robots they build against highly skilled teams from across the nation.
  • Astronaut Lacy Veach Day of Discovery. Hawaiian Electric is a major sponsor of a full day of free, science-based workshops for students, parents and teachers on topics ranging from living and working in outer space to creating electric gadgets and gizmos.
  • Hawaii Science Bowl and Maui Science Fair. Maui Electric is a major sponsor involved in these programs that promote scientific advancements.

Career education

  • Internships. Hawaiian Electric, Hawaii Electric Light, and Maui Electric offer high school and college students hands-on experience in the electric utility industry.
  • Presidential Awards for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching. Hawaiian Electric provides State awards to outstanding math and science teachers in Hawaii public and private schools. Two are selected for the National Presidential Awards each year.

Other educational programs

  • A free lending library for teachers and students with DVDs and booklet titles on electricity, renewable energy, and technology.
  • People power. Hawaiian Electric provides grants and volunteer help to maintain and upkeep schools and projects for community organizations.